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      Carlton Highdale Parish



Emergency Defibrillator Located in St Botolph's Church Vestry, Horsehouse

The Foresters Arms have kindly located within the vestry at St Botolph's Church one of the two defibrillators that were purchased following fund raising events. 
If you or someone you are with are believed to be having a coronary event then the
First thing that you should do is ring 999 and get an ambulance on the way to you.
Only then should you contact one of the trained operators who are :-

Martin Tradewell                   Glenside                                  640099

Martin Shepherd                   Wesleyan Chapel                     

Dom & Helen Weatherall        Manor Farm                            640237

Annette Lambert                  Pheasant Lodge, Braidley        640440


Defibrillator News


Horsehouse Village Hall

Do you need a space for an activity, a meeting, or a celebration?  Reasonable rates.


Please see Carlton Town Parish for other local events
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Carlton Town


meeting dates

Draft minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 30th March 2016
Minutes 2016 New.pdf

Minutes from the Annual Parish Meeting held on 25th March 2015
Carlton Highdale Parish Meeting 2015.pdf


Carlton Highdale covers the hamlets of Gammersgill, Horsehouse, Swineside, Arkleside, Blackrake, Braidley, Woodale, Hindlethwaite, Pickill, West Close, Fleensop, and Coverhead.

Meeting Papers

Wednesday 30th March 2016
Accounts 2015-16.pdf   Minutes 2016 New.pdf  Notice of Public Rights 2016.pdf
Notice of Conclusion of Audit.pdf    Audited Annual Accounts 31.03.2016.pdf

Wednesday 25th March 2015
Accounts 2014-15.pdf   Minutes 2015.pdf

Monday 31st March 2014
Accounts 2013-14.pdf   Minutes 31.03.2014.pdf

Thursday 28th March 2013
Accounts 2013.pdf    Minutes 2013

Thursday 31st March 2012
Minutes 2012.pdf      Accounts 2012.pdf

Thursday 31st March 2011
Minutes 2011.pdf      Minutes 2011.pdf

Monday 29th March 2010
Minutes 2010.pdf
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